It is a challenge to meet the high demand of living spaces for temporary usage or for student housing in overcrowded cities worldwide. It also requires construction with a short building time, flexible construction, low energy consumption and healthy building materials, which is hard to find.

Existing “container houses” are made from metal, have very poor insulation with mold issues due to poor ventilation and consumes a lot of energy to keep them warm.

NoNoX Housing units offer the right solution. This new form of housing was developed in cooperation with prominent companies within the energy and construction industries offering modern comfort with guarantied low energy costs, constructed with natural or recyclable material.




Easy Installation

The NoNoX units can be easily placed and replaced by a crane, assembled up to four levels high.

Unique Design

The NoNoX units can be delivered in several colour combinations and conform to all the housing regulations.

Environmentally Friendly

The NoNoX living units are constructed with natural and/or recyclable materials.