Founded in 2007 with headquarters in the Netherlands , Softflight is an independent training solution specializing in the Flight Simulator industry.

With the continuous increase of worldwide aircraft orders and the required improvement of training, there has also been an increase in the demand for fixed and full flight simulators. In the highly regulated airline industry simulators have always been required for the training of new pilots and for pilot yearly recurrent training, as well as for upgrades to new aircraft types. These requirements have only increased in the last several years, and Softflight has anticipated this increased demand by offering DBFMO (Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate) solutions, customized for the simulator market and implemented by the Softflight team in Istanbul, Antalya, Sharjah, and Malta.

In close cooperation with manufacturers, operators, financial advisors, and the world’s top accountancy companies, Softflight offers tailored DBFMO solutions specifically created with an operator’s requirements and financial position in mind, adhering to tax and legal regulations specific to each country. To this end, Softflight has developed a unique program which calculates the exact cost savings for local training.

Softflight DBFMO model offers the most efficient training solution




Simulator Lease

Softflight has developed a full service concept combining financing with operational implementation of the simulator activity, entailing services as diverse as training center planning and construction, project support and legal advice. This customized solution, tailored specifically to the needs of the customer, is unique to the industry.

Operating Lease

Softflight will assume the full risk of the investment in the simulator, and retain full ownership. The simulator will not form a fixed asset of the lessee and will not be recorded on its balance sheet. The lessee will pay a fixed monthly fee comprising interest, amortization and a risk margin. At the end of the lease term the simulator may be purchased at fair market value.

Finance Lease

Softflight will make the full initial investment in the simulator. The lessee will not be the legal owner of the simulator, but will assume risks comparable to real ownership, and therefore the capitalized lease costs will appear on its balance sheet. The lessee will make a fixed monthly payment, and at the end of the lease term the simulator may be purchased at far below fair market value.